About Gerarda

Gerarda van der Veen (1968) is founder and coordinator of the Dutch Information Center for Highly Sensitive Children (LiHSK). In the Netherlands she pioneered promoting children’s NDE and HSP. She is the author of five books and wrote several booklets about recognizing and educating highly sensitive children. She has been working with astrology for 20 years, as an aid in counseling children and adults.


De nieuwe Abba-songs

The new ABBA-songs

Door Gerarda van der Veen | 9 september 2021

‘The future of ABBA begins today’, the Swedish pop group announced on social media in September 2021. ABBA is back after 39 years, and how! The singles ‘I Still Have Faith In You’ and ‘Don’t Shut Me Down’ break records and the new album Voyage will be released in November 2021. To interpret the astrological complications, the first question is: what is ABBA’s horoscope?

Kinderen van familievloggers

Children of family vloggers

Door Gerarda van der Veen | 13 november 2020

Family vloggers are parents who post everything about their family life on social media in video form. How does that affect their children? I researched the horoscopes of children of family vloggers and discovered which characteristics they have in common.



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