Children of family vloggers

Family vloggers are parents who post everything about their family life on social media in video form and often have hundreds of thousands of followers. How does that affect their children? I researched the horoscopes of children of family vloggers and discovered what character traits and family circumstances (symbolized by planets, signs, aspects and house rulers) they have in common.

Does it affect the children?

Family vloggers live from vlogging. Most families post a video of their family life on social media about once or twice a week: YouTube especially, but also Instagram and Facebook. When you consider that it takes about five hours to edit an eight-minute movie1, as well as many hours of filming every day, you can imagine that in such a family quite a bit of time and attention goes to the camera and everything that comes with it.

Does this affect the children? How do children grow up when a camera is pointed at them in everything they do? And how do you as a family and as a child deal with the irrevocable (positive and negative) comments from the huge numbers of viewers and followers?

Astrological features

Many family vloggers record the birth of their children on video and post it on social media. As a result, the exact birth data (date, place, time) of these children are known. I collected2 this data from 25 children of family vloggers and entered it into JigSaw, a program well-suited for discovering patterns in astrological data.

I was curious what astrological characteristics children of family vloggers have in common and whether this says something about their character traits (signs, planets, aspects) and the circumstances in which they grow up (houses and house rulers). Children from vlogging families often have a YouTube channel themselves. Vlogging apparently comes naturally to them. Can we see that in their horoscopes?


I studied 25 children, born in the period 2004 to 2020. The group is divided into 15 girls and 10 boys. 17 children are Dutch, 4 American and 4 British. The 25 children come from 14 different families, the highest number of children from one family is 4. In the results below, I do not mention the names of the children, to ensure their privacy.



Most: Leo3. With the sign Leo you want to express yourself, be important and be seen with what you do. You have a lot of self-confidence and talent for organizing. You are playful and spontaneous.
When this sign is overdone, we see vanity and grand display.

Least: Capricorn. You don't care much about fame, you are primarily focused on hard work. With Capricorn you demonstrate responsibility, sobriety and realism. You mainly work for yourself and can be reserved and distant.


Most: house 34. This house is about the need for exchange. With a strong third house you are handy with words and with social media. You can respond well to new situations and like to pass on factual information. You quickly switch to something new and something different. Superficiality can be a consequence.

Least: house 1. The house of expressing yourself and the way in which you approach others.

House connections

Most: ruler of the 11th house in the 10th. Your social position is shaped by many contacts with a group of kindred spirits, in this case followers. Contact takes place when they follow you, not the other way around. This relationship provides an ability to remain yourself among many others.

Also often: ruler of the 4th house in the 5th. The family is in the service of creativity and showing yourself to the outside world. There is a realization or an experience that home life is one big hobby, or secondary to a need to be in the spotlight.

And there is a reception: ruler of the 5th in the 6th and ruler of the 6th in the 5th. This means that you are in the spotlight because of your work and that being in the spotlight is your work.

Black Moon

The position of the Black Moon can provide information about what you refuse inwardly. Often you experienced too many or too few of that in your youth. It is a road that has been mapped out for you, but that you would rather not take. For this research, it provides insight into what children of family vloggers experience as too much pressure or as too one-sided.

  • Sign: Capricorn. There is pressure to be ambitious, to be the best at what you do. A status must be held up constantly.
  • House: 5. You are expected to be in the spotlight again and again. You think that everything is always about you, but as you grow up you begin to wonder who you really are and what you like to do yourself. A realization can arise that it was always about who you should be, instead of who you really are.
  • Aspect: Neptune. You are required to keep up appearances. And to blur your own boundaries, because others always see everything about you. You do not show who you really are, and as you grow up you look for your own core and the silence within yourself.


Aspects between planets are strongly time-bound and therefore less suitable or relevant in research into astrological patterns. More interesting are aspects between planets and house rulers, which often reflect useful tendencies about (family) circumstances. First of all, the aspects that are common:

  • Most: Moon with the 11th house ruler. The daily life of the family is connected with a large group of followers. Opinions of that group determine your sense of security and the way in which you grow up. Home = one big social network. Your daily life is regularly in the public domain via the internet. People expect you to be original from an early age on and to be in contact with many others.
  • Jupiter with the 3rd house ruler. You express yourself through communication and social media. There is a multitude of contacts, and they are superficial. You are, as it were, always ‘on the road’ (on the net) instead of rooted in one place. You can articulate yourself well. You are a success on social media.
  • Neptune with the 9th house ruler. You make reality more beautiful than it is. There is an excess of idealism. You convey how perfect everything is.
  • Mars with the 4th house ruler. A lot of activity takes place at home and within the family. Constantly something is being done in your house. At some point you may detach yourself from how things are done in your family and look for your own interpretation of your daily life.
  • Mars with the 10th house ruler. With great effort you strive for a social position. You are ambitious and show a lot of initiative. You learn from an early age to show yourself and assert yourself.

Then the aspects that occur little or not at all. These make it clear, among other things, which character traits and circumstances you should nót possess within a vlogging family:

  • Moon/Saturn. Hard work is important to you, you tend to deny yourself nice things for it. You are a bit cautious, sometimes even reserved. You don't find it easy to let the outside world in, you come across as quite distant.
  • Mercury/Jupiter. You tend to communicate in a know-it-all and moralizing way. You want to learn and broaden your knowledge. You have a strong opinion and you express it.
  • Sun/Mercury. You only put attention into things that really matter. In contacts you are central, you take a powerful stand.
  • Mercury with the 4th house ruler. You mainly look for contacts within your home and within the family. You prefer to develop yourself in your own home environment.


The results mentioned give a picture of the average child. It is (hardly) the case that children show in their horoscope all the results found. But sometimes a child comes close and is, in this case, more or less a symbol for ‘the ideal child of family vloggers’. A is such a child (A is a made-up indication, to respect privacy).


Kinderen van familievloggers
We see many results from the survey in A's horoscope: a well-filled Leo sign, the ruler of the 11th house in the 10th, the Moon in aspect with the 11th house ruler, ruler of the 4th house in the 5th, Jupiter as the 3th house ruler and Mars in aspect with the 10th house ruler. The Black Moon turns around house and sign and is in Leo (instead of the corresponding house 5) in house 10 (instead of the corresponding sign Capricorn), making an aspect with Neptune.

The combination of Leo and the 10th house gives A a lot of ambition to play a prominent role in the outside world. It will therefore come as no surprise that A has his/her own YouTube channel, with more than 300,000 subscribers. The Venus/Jupiter conjunct on the Ascendant comes in handy here, it gives A a warm, jovial and attractive appearance. This conjunct is connected to Pluto on the cusp of the 3rd house (a powerful and convincing talker) and to the Moon/Mercury conjunction (also Moon with the 11th house ruler) in Leo in the 10th house (a strong desire to share your daily life with your followers and make a profession out of that). And Sun in Virgo in house 11 is probably the ultimate setting for an influencer in this case: connecting people by sharing information about all kinds of daily and practical things.

There is a downside, but it will probably not occur until later in A's life. Saturn in Leo in house 10 makes one vulnerable to outside reactions in the professional life. A not so great placement for a YouTuber who shows him/herself in all openness every week and will have to deal with negative criticism. As a result, A can feel the pressure to deliver perfection every time and hide the true self and emotions behind a mask of success. This is also indicated by the Black Moon in Leo in house 10 opposite Neptune: from an early age there has been a lot of emphasis on ambition and achievement, by creating a dream world in which family life is shown as ideal. Also the wound of Chiron (placed in Capricorn) is connected with achievement, being perfect, work, social position and ambition.


Kinderen van familievloggers
B is one of the two children in my study with a Moon/Saturn aspect. The other child (let's call him/her C) comes from the same family. As I mentioned earlier, an aspect between Moon and Saturn is not desirable if you belong to a vlogging family. With a Moon/Saturn aspect you don't like the superficiality that characterizes vlogging at all, nor that people are always watching your life. You do not like having to share your emotions with others and you appear rather reserved on the screen.

This Moon/Saturn aspect is part of a Jod, third planet in that Jod is Mercury. With Saturn in the 2nd house, the entire vlogging thing of the parents (Moon sextile Mercury) seems to give B a feeling of uncertainty and insecurity. B is therefore not exactly very sparkling in the vlogs. Pluto in house 4 and the ruler of the 4th in the 8th house can indicate an unsafe situation in childhood, an emotional vulnerability and problems with sharing feelings. This child needs depth and authenticity in his/her life (something that doesn’t come with vlogging) and wants to mean something and be of service to others (Sun in Pisces in house 6 and Mars in Virgo in house 12).

That C, from the same family, also has a Moon/Saturn aspect is telling. The last video of this family is now a fact, with the announcement that vlogging and sharing their life with their followers has come to an end. Possibly the placement of Saturn (which indicates, among other things, in what way you experience structure and security from your parents) in the horoscopes of the children provides some clarity about the reason for stopping: it does not provide sufficient security for existence (B has Saturn in house 2) and making vlogs is just a lot of work, which at one point can cause too much stress (C has Saturn in house 6). In addition, as a family you have to be able to deal with the negative criticism that followers give you (also house 6), and not everyone can. The parents may also have seen the negative effects vlogging had on their children.

Children of family vloggers

The main conclusions of the study:

  • Most children of family vloggers are well equipped to be in the spotlight often and bring people together by sharing family information. (Emphasis on the sign Leo and house 5, and on house 11)
  • Most children of family vloggers are also good with words and social media. In that case, they often have their own YouTube channel at a young age with many followers. (Emphasis on house 3 and house 11)
  • The disadvantage of family vlogging seems to be: always having to provide material that is interesting enough, which can be stressful and put pressure on ambition (emphasis on the sign Capricorn and house 10). And living in a world of ideal images, in which the appearance of the perfect family is maintained (emphasis on the planet Neptune).

2. With thanks to Erienne van der Veen.
3. Here I looked at the placement of the fast personal planets (Sun to Jupiter), the North Node and both exits (Ascendant and MC).
4. I looked at the placement of all the planets, including Chiron, and the North Node.